Music Masters Gospel Academy

Music Masters Gospel Academy

Friday, October 23, 2015

Music Iife.

I have the best life . when you get the chance to do what you love most of your life. It makes life goooood.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

When it Comes to really wanting to succeed in Music. You have to make a decision and become presitant in the journey to become a Music Master.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Whats Holding you back from Music Success.

Hello Music Masters Inner Circle Members ...Terrence here to share a few words of wisdom with yall today. Lets jump right into it. Over and over I see too many potenial musicians who are considering joining Music Masters saying things like. I have always wanted to be able to pick up a instrument and play. Then the time comes to join our world class studio , they fail  to come thru and see what the coaching is all about. Though my oberservation this is true not only in music,but in life. People tend to drop the ball when it comes to learning and discovering new things.
   The question that i ask of the readers today is " what is holding you back from success?" I like to read often,one of the books that i currently read,Think and Grow rich,by Napoleon Hill. In his book he talks about the mastermind concept. The Mastermind concept is when you surround yourself with the same minded people,you may not be pursing the same objective,but you assit each other to reach your goals. I apply this same strategy to music. A lot if times people think that coaching is just like years of old. Sitting with your piano teacher and being bored to death ,and wanting to run out. This is not at all the concept of Music Masters Gospel Academy. We want you to think of us as not only a place that your getting coaching each weekbut as your own mastermind team...lets be the place to propel your music. Ive not only used music just for playing, but in school work,jobs and basically its been applied in every aspect of my life. Because I was succesful in music ,and i didnt allow lt to hold me back from success.
   So,before you procrastinate or make up a excuse you got to think, " What is really holding me back from my Music Success,and what can i do now to change it.

Be Blessed
The Music Master
Music Masters Gospel Academy
Music Masters Inner Circle

Sunday, September 6, 2015

This is the feeling of Music

Music quote -

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Will to Win.

     In my short life ive watched many things happen. Some good some bad,but thru it all there where a few things that stood out to me very early on. People are either in it to win or in it to lose. At some point you decide your fate. Ok i know this is a music blog ,but at the same time music is life and life is music so it will come together. This is a small story of basketball and music. Winning comes in  all areanas of life no matter what you do. One guy i watched was Michael Jordan. He was a tenaious competitor .He emposed his will over the oppent at times to win. As great of a athlete he was , sometimes he didnt have all the pieces he needed to win a championship. Those that were around him said how competitive he was. Charles Barkely once mentioned '' Michael doesnt think he can lose at anything''. Mindset plays such a important role in anything you set out to do.
         Many musicians and musicprenuers have a heart to entertain or run businesses. But then fall short of the will to win at the game of music business. Either by not commiting to practice, not reading the neccesary books, going to the workshops, talking to those who are where you wanna be, or what it takes to build and create succesful music careers. It was said that Jordan would shoot over a thousand free throws until all shots where nothing but net. What tools,systems,processes are you lining up to insure sucess . In my own career i had to make a decision of what and where i wanted to be. It was quick for me to know i wanted to win. Thus began the process of learning more than music ,but the inner workings of how i could make it as a professional musicprenuer. Sometimes you hit bumps,but never fail to reajust and keep moving. The Question today is...Do you have the " Will to Win " in Music.

The Music Master
Creating Tomorrows Musicians Today.