Music Masters Gospel Academy

Music Masters Gospel Academy

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More ways than one to make money in music

Different Ways to Make a Living in Music

Traditionally, there were few ways to make a living in music. Option 1- make minimal money teaching music or, Option 2- make NO money making music! Now we find ourselves in late 2009 where music is more than acknowledged as a true profession and there are endless ways to make any amount of money in the profession.

There is the traditional profession of music education that, depending on where you live, what level you teach (Elem, MS, HS, College), what level education you have, and how many years you have teaching in the profession, can lend a rather substantial pay check.

Leaning towards the “not so traditional” line of music education is the private lesson studios that are being established across the nation. Something that used to be reserved for Saturday morning piano lessons is now becoming a formidable method of income for many music educators.

We also have the ever so popular Music Industry which includes everything from BeyoncĂ© to the Public Relations aspect of promoting the New York Philharmonic. The people in “the business” are not necessarily the ones making the big bucks, either. Their agents and record producers are the ones making the money. So many young people want to grow up to be the next big country singer so they can be rich but they can surpass any financial goals they may have by getting a four year degree in Music Industry and becoming the person making the decisions for that “big country singer that is rich.”

Many people in the music business make money by utilizing their specific and unique abilities as musicians and business man by traveling around to area groups and offering clinician criticism to these groups.